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18/6/2004. Interview with Kai Staats, CEO of TerraSoft – Talking to the makers of Yellow Dog Linux., por Miguel

24/5/2004. Interviewing Filemaker’s Thomas Kunetz – The Mac database leader’s Technical Manager for Southern Europe, por Miguel

9/5/2004. Interviewing RangerRick, aka Benjamin Reed – An inside look on porting Unix and Linux apps to Mac OS X, por Miguel

26/4/2004. Interview with Xoplay – Makers of the first non-Apple games for iPod, por Miguel

16/9/2003. The G6 is coming – An unreliable tale of high adventure and industrial espionage on the web, por Miguel

22/8/2003. Interview with Jesse Tayler, CEO of NetModular – Deep in the heart of corporate software, por Miguel

25/3/2003. Interview to Egisys/Curious Labs – The firm that will bring Poser 5 to Mac OS X, por Dante

1/3/2003. Interview to Jo Meder (2nd part) – Terragen for Mac, por Dante

27/2/2003. Interviewing Jo Meder (1st part) – The story and the person behind Terragen for Mac, por Dante

13-11-2.002. Talking to Hash, Inc. – Lead Macintosh programmer Ken Baer on their plans and Jaguar, by Manel P Rives

"Also, many of the best images and animations done in our software have been done on the Mac."

29-10-2.002. Illustration and 3D Animation contest – Rules for 2002 Edition

All you need to know to enter the 3D Contest part of the Macuarium 2002 Awards.

30-09-2.002. Apple & Emagic: first steps together – Logic Platinum and surroundings analised, by X-loan

The inside of Apple’s new OS strategy from the music industry’s perspective is quite more interesting than one would think.

02-08-2.002. e-on software: just went Mac, and very happy about it – An in-depth interview with the producers of Vue d’Esprit, by Manel P Rives

We’ve always enjoyed talking to 3D software developers, but it’s a double pleasure when we can meet market-leaders who believe in the Mac and speak out their minds.

02-07-2.002. Interview with Pixels – Animating the three dimensions from a strictly Mac standpoint, by Manel P Rives

Pixels is one of the most attractive 3D modelling software makers. And that’s not just because they’re thoroughly Mac-only.

01-07-2.002. Interview with Onyx Computing – The computer generated world and Apple, according to Bojana Bosanac, by Manel P Rives

A stark and clear vision of the limitations that Mac OS X faces to gain a foothold in the upper reaches of computer-generated graphics.

08-03-2.002. And I say, Go for that chili dog – Apple should keep trying to recover its corporate standing

Charles Haddad, Mac buff and BusinessWeek columnist, compares attacking the corporate market with indulging in poisonous food. We beg to disagree.

03-03-2.002. Interview with Not a Number – The creators of free Blender 3D speak about their vision and the Mac, by Dante

A very serious and very differente vision of 3D creation and software development business models, from a very interesting firm.

20-02-2002. Creation of a cubic panorama -Hands on with RealViz Stitcher 3.1, by Roberto Tolín

Step by step to using the excellent panorama creation tool with a full-blown real life example.

16-01-2.002. Talking with Eovia – What happens when former Metacreations people get their product back, by Daniel Turnes

I supposse you remember those applications that used to catch our eyes because of its interface.Those plug-ins that stood out because of its extreme ease and bright visual attractiveness. That first Bryce or that Poser 3, those mythical KPT 3 modules.(…)

20-12-2.001. Binuscan Photoretouch Pro, version 1.0 – The final version confirms the promises of the beta

The beta version looked like it could evolve into a good Photoshop substitute for photoretouching and prepress users. Now, it is here.

14-12-2.001. The company that felt hostage – Does Apple Computer really understand its users?

Apple’s subsidiaries are consistently getting it wrong when confronted with user’s "tough love" actions.

27-11-2.001. Interview with Peter Tamte – On past adventures, Microsoft, the future… and Halo

Talking with one of the most significant figures in the Mac entertainment software industry was bound to be interesting.

11-10-2.001. Universal Music sings for the Mac OS (sort of) – Music giant recalls CD that wasn’t playable on Macs after the new encryption falls apart.

A surprising tale of female singers, pirates, bandits, peril, lawyers and Mac users, now playing for all audiences.

07-09-2.001. What Fred Anderson isn’t telling – Apple’s iServices division is spreading around the world.

Without noise nor advertising, Apple is revving up a worldwide consulting division that begins to look serious.

02-08-2.001. dvGarage: 3D education and something more – Interview with Alex Lindsay.

A company that develops software for Mac OS… with a very particular vision.

25-07-2.001. A new battle won, an ongoing war – Good news from the Spanish tax wars.

The first serious meeting results in a compromise solution and an agreement for drawing a timetable

10-07-2.001. After Photoshop – Serious alternatives for the Adobe behemoth are cropping up in Mac OS X.

So Adobe chooses to play hurt and not join the coming-out party. Well, maybe it wonít be welcome when it shows back.

03-07-2.001. Meet NetBeans – A free, complete, Java-based Open Source IDE for Mac OS X… from Sun.

The second interview piece on the interesting IDE and application framework sponsored by Sun.

29-06-2.001. Fighting for a PADRE for all – Linux users lead the fight for platform equality in Spain.

After years of enduring a Windows-only regime from the Spanish administration, headway is being made to reverse the policy..

31-01-2.001. The attack of the paranoid lawyer, part X – Apple forces RealMac to retire a button-making application.

It takes a weird idea of intellectual property protection to do what Apple just did to a small software developer…

31-01-2.001. Ever seen the Dock on the right-hand side of the desktop? – Well you can… on the latest build of the beta.

Apple didn’t show us all the changes they’ve made in the Beta ever since it was made Public :-). Here’s a peek we’ve got.

11-30-2.000. "Restart the computer into DOS/Windows?" – Mac OS X for Wintel is here. See the proof.

We’ve found an actual dialog inside Mac OS X that spills the beans in a definitive manner.

11-24-2.000. Interview with the author of "The second coming of Steve Jobs" – An insight into the latest and controversial book on Jobs

The why, the how, and the personal opinions of a man who got to know well his subject

11-24-2.000. An inside look at StarOffice for Mac – The people who build it tell about ideas, characteristics and dates

A group onterview to the people in charge of the different aspects of StarOffice for the Mac platform.

9-15-2.000 . Interview with Jason Whong The world of Mac games from inside.

(…) Consider the amount of money being invested in Mac development by companies like Blizzard, which bought out Future Point (the company that it had been contracting its Mac development to). Consider the new company formed by Peter Tamte to bring Microsoft’s games to Mac. Finally, consider us. I don’t think there would be this level of investment if there were no expected return.(…)

6-09-2.000 . Opera premiere: first peek at the new browser Have a look a the alpha version.

3-09-2.000 . Darwin Voyage (Part I): Interview with Andrew Stone Talking to the people who code the future.

2-18-2.000 . What does Apple want to do with those 58.000 million dollars? The mass stock emission’s got to be for something.

2-12-2.000 . A look into Apple’s Darwin startegy and its impact on Linux . Jobs is playing for the whole hog.

2-12-2.000 . Much ado about video editing: Apple’s european QuickTime Roadshow . We got a very narrow view of the technology.

1-30-2.000 . The Empire strikes back. Gates isn’t exactly sitting idle… had you heard of Windows DNA?

Chapter I: The nature of the beast – What Gates is working on
Chapter II: Gates’ second monopoly – What he’s aiming at
Chapter III: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings – The not-so-bad news

1-30-2.000 . Apple and Jobs take off. The meaning of a jet plane.

1-27-2.000 . Macu’s first icons. Some Mac OS 8.5 icons of our pet piranha (Spanish).