167miniMacuarium's resident comic strip is a widely-known staple of Mac and technophile humor in Spanish. Life would not be the same without it, and certainly our face muscles would not be as healthy, tonified and generally good-looking as they are.

Now, the genial Mago is bringing his crew of characters (featuring everyone from Jobs to Ballmer, with cameos from many more) to the underprivileged, humor-famished English-speaking masses. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Just keep a safe distance from your monitor when consuming liquid food and everything will be all right.

He's been sharpening his tools for this, so now we have three strips to show you:

September 14th: Jobs, rock, roll, camera, action! (just don't take pics)

Steve Jobs reappears and iPods get surprising new features.

september_14th September 7th: 64-bits good, 32-bits bad

Snow Leopard early adopters track old code all through the OS.

september_7th August 3rd: A tale of two stores

Microsoft announces the opening of a chain of showcases for their products. UN fails to intervene.


A note from the editor: ever since Jack Miller's "AtAT" stopped turning I've felt the need for some more refreshing views of Mac news. Fake Steve Jobs was a mite too acidic. Have a taste of Mago's and let us know what you think.